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A selection of YouTube tutorials

We will upload links to various tutorials covering many different subjects for beginners as well as the more experienced photographer.

If there is a particular subject you would like to cover but is not listed please contact David Balaam.

Very good introduction to Topaz Denoise AI by Scott Keys. Not high tec and easy to listen to
40min discussion on what a Panel Print should look like, if you have never entered one before

ICM by John Dexter. A short video of John’s favourite ICM images. This will give you an idea of what other subjects can be taken apart from trees that make an interesting ICM image.

ICM by Stephanie Johnson. This is a more in-depth, longer tutorial that covers technical aspects of ICM. Some very good examples and tips on how to achieve interesting abstracts.

Photographing Zoo Animals by Laurie Rubin. Practical advice with tips on getting the best images at a zoo.

Street Photography by Gary Gough. A down-to-Earth, but passionate tutorial on this subject set in London, offering some very good advice.

RAW Editing in Photoshop by Arron Nace. Part 19 of 30 tutorials on how to use Photoshop for beginners.

Understanding Colour Management Workflow by Jeff Lazell. Detaisled video on colour management. 48 minutes

How to shoot Panning. Good video with good advise from Curtis Padley:

Kase Magnetic Filter System with James Brew. If you are thinking of a new filter kit, check out Jame’s video. He is clear and precise and gives a good recommendation.