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7th March 2023 

Surrey Advertiser Challenge Trophy Competition - THE ROSEBOWL


Dorking has competed in this competition for a number of years, which is sponsored by the Surrey Advertiser. There were fourteen clubs participating  and the standard was very high.

Judge, Micki Aston MCIoJ CPAGB,looked at each panel and then each individual image from that panel.  She would first criticise the layout of the panel and assess if it was coherent and balanced, as an RPS panel should be. Then to each individual image from the panel.  Here she would pick two or three from the five, and comment on them.  I noticed she managed to find areas to criticise more than I thought possible in such a high-standard competition – but she did.  She also admitted sometimes she was ‘nit-picking’, but other times she called out some very obvious errors.

Our panel was number fourteen – the last one.  There had been several mono panels and several portraiture subjects, so we were nervous, as she had criticised most of them.  However, she really liked our panel and was very generous in her appreciation of all of the individual entries – I cannot remember her offering a negative comment on any of the images.

Finally, the results – Dorking was 3rd overall, an excellent result (up from 7th last year).  PLUS, a Highly Commended individual certificate for                Richard Milton-Worssell (No.5), and for Daniel Langer (No.3).

My congratulations to Richard and his selection panel for working g so hard, (and I know they did up to the 11th hour) to produce this stunning result for Dorking, and to Andrew Webster, ARPS, for suggesting a mono panel.

Bright Eyes by Sheena RogersWarren Ellis by Michal BaginskiCovid Nurse Daniel Langer  HIGHLY COMMENDEDJohn by Richard KnappBlown Away by Richard Milton-Worssell  HIGHLY COMMENDEDDCC Rosebowl Panel 2023  3rd Place