Dorking Camera Club est.1955

‘Guidance, Education, Enjoyment’
18th November 2023

SPA Inter Club Annual Print Competition

22 SPA Clubs competed in two categories; Open and Nature

These are the Dorking entries. Scoring is out of 15 - max. 5 points from each of the three judges. Only ONE image scored 15 across the two categories - that was Dorking - Sheena Rogers Breathing Space won the Open Category title.  Dorking came 8th overall out of 22 clubs in Open.


SCORE  15  Breathing Space by  Sheena Rogers ARPSSCORE  13  V and A East by  David HindleySCORE  12  Double Orchids by David BalaamSCORE  11  Elegance at Sea by Andi Hargreaves LRPSSCORE  11  Low Key by Zainab MedcotasSCORE 11  Blown away by  Richard Milton-WorssellSCORE  11  Swimming Pool by Mike WilliamsonSCORE  10   A Walk through History by  David BalaamSCORE  12  Surfs UpSCORE  11  The Courtyard by Bogdan SchiteanuSCORE  11  White Hot by  Jill MortimerSCORE  12  Shape and Shadow by  Sheena Rogers ARPSSCORE  12  Vibrant Sails by Andi Hargreaves LRPSSCORE  9  Gathering Storm Serpentine Lake Painshill by Richard Milton-WorssellSCORE  9  Ranmore Meadow by Andrew Webster ARPSSCORE  9  Duelling Strawberries by Bob Ede

Fiona Humphrey was awarded a Judges choice medal for her entry, The Stag, scoring 13 points

Dorking came 5th overall out of 21 clubs in Nature

SCORE  9  Sweet Chestnuts by   Richard Milton-WorssellSCORE  13  The Stag by Fiona HumphreySCORE  11  Inverted Marbled White Butterfly by  Bob EdeSCORE  12   Bee at Waters Edge by  Bob EdeSCORE  12  Gypsy Moth chrysalis by  David BalaamSCORE  12  Peregrine Falcon With Prey by  John BartlettSCORE  12  Puffins by Gareth BalleSCORE 10  The Hugger by Daniel  Langer