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Winner – David Multon Trophy (Silver Salver)  plus Runner Up and and three highly commended.

26th February 2024 DAVID MULTON TROPHY - Set Subject: OPEN (Classless)

Up to TWO images in either print or PDI, or mix, colour, or monochrome depicting the subject.

  The David Multon Trophy competition commemorates David Multon’s membership of DCC. David was a long serving and highly respected member of the club, he served as programme secretary, Chairman, and President and was a fine photographer. He sadly passed away in January 2020 and is missed by all who knew him and enjoyed his company.

We would like this competition to represent the things that David stood for and appreciated in life and that he enjoyed to photograph. He loved his garden at home and gardening and some of his latest Exhibition images were close ups of flowers. David and Jane spent as much time as possible at their harbour side home in Salcombe, South Devon, often joined by other members of the family. They enjoyed sailing, pottering, visiting local coves and beaches, eating out, socialising with local people in the pubs. Landscape photography was a passion, as was travel both in the UK and abroad. David had great enthusiasm for life and DCC was especially important to him.

The David Multon Trophy competition is targeted to be an original proposition so that it is different and stands out from other events, with both prints and PDI’s entered to the same competition and with no restriction on the size or format of the print – although this may give judges a headache they should be able to get their head around the idea!

The following rules will be applicable:

  • Submissions of images may be made in print or PDI format. 2 entries per member are allowed, for example 1 print and 1 PDI, or 2 PDI’s etc. Prints can be submitted as large, and in any medium, as you want. We wanted to make this competition different in honour of David.

  • Because of the resolution of the projector PDI images will have to be in their standard format: maximum 1600px wide or 1200px high, in sRGB colour space

  • Rolling subjects every five years: (1) “Open” (as in Moller and Tate), (2) “Gardens and Garden flowers”, (3) “Landscapes”, and (4) “The sea and seaside”, (5) "Open".

  • The Judge will award a Winner, Runner Up and three highly commended photos. They may hold back as many images as they want.

  • The photos submitted cannot have been used in any other DCC competition either internal or external.

Following the competition, photos submitted will be eligible for the Annual Print and Annual PDI competitions.