Dorking Camera Club est. 1955

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Welcome to Knepp: a trailblazing 3,500-acre rewilding project that has changed the way we think about nature and how we can heal our planet.

Since we began rewilding just twenty years ago, endangered species such as nightingales, turtle doves and purple emperor butterflies have found sanctuary here. The sheer abundance of life is mind-blowing. Herds of old English longhorn cattle, Tamworth pigs, Exmoor ponies and red and fallow deer wander the landscape, their disturbance shaping the water meadows, shrubland and wood pasture, creating new habitats for wildlife. Knepp’s dynamic, rebounding ecosystem is a story of hope, showing how nature can bounce back if we let it. Thousands of nature-lovers come here to take in the astonishing sights and sounds.

Our visit last year was a late evening walk, but we realised we need a whole day to appreciate all Knepp has to offer, so that’s why we are making a day of it, so you can bring the family.

There is now an on-site café and restaurant so we do not have to leave the estate all day.