Resizing Images for PDI Competitions

Entering DPI images for competition requires that they be resized to the generic resolution of the projector. Some projectors can resize images internally but this is not accurate enough for competition use.

Club rules require that PDI images are resized to not more than 1600 pixels horizontally and not more than 1200 pixels vertically.


The following method of resizing uses Photoshop Elements 8 and describes resizing to 1600px by 1200px. Other versions of Photoshop may differ slightly. To resize to 1600px by 1200px simply substitute the larger numbers.

1) Open the image in Photoshop edit.

2) In the dropdown menus select
Image: Resize: Image Size or type Alt+Ctrl+I

3) You will find a box marked Pixel Dimensions containing numbers for Width and Height relating to the resolution of your camera.

4)  Either:
a) For Portrait or Square images - Change the Height to 1200px. The width will automatically change.
or b) For Landscape images - Change the Width to 1600px. Look at the Height. If it is greater than 1200px then change it to 1200px.

5) Once you are satisfied with the resolution click OK.

6) Save the image to a new file name. SAVES AS sRGB Jpeg. (If you do not change the file name you may lose the original high definition image).