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DCC Talks Programme for 2023/24

Dorking Talk 23rd October 2023

Sheena Rogers

     Title of Talk: Creative Approaches to Photography

     Brief Description of the Talk

If a photographic image represents a frozen moment in time, then it captures only a fraction of our experience of the world around us. In search of images that embody more of our sensory and emotional connection to places and things, I have explored a variety of creative approaches to photography from ICM (intentional camera movement) to multiple exposures, compositing, and various ways of creating abstract images.  The resulting images invite audience engagement: some spark story-telling, others suggest a mood - excitement, contemplation, or even confusion. The talk will include a description of methods as well as a variety of images. I will also show my ARPS print panel which was successful in the Visual Art Photography genre.



Sheena Rogers finds inspiration in the light, textures and colours of her surroundings whether in the soft rain of London or the brilliant sunshine of Gozo where she now lives. She aims to capture a sense of subjective experience, of being there, in her photographs, often using creative and experimental methods. On retiring from an academic career as Professor and Head of Graduate Psychology and Visual Studies in the United States, Sheena returned to her native England where she began to pursue her obsession with photography full time, determined to build skill in the craft and find new ways of expressing her ideas. She is a judge with Surrey Photographic Association, and an enthusiastic teacher and lecturer.